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Simple. Safe. Secure.
How it works
▫️ Connect with a traveler and tell them what you are looking for.
▫️ Negotiate how much your willing to pay the traveler.
▫️ Meet up with your traveler and receive your item.
Why Shippa for Business
With Shippa, businesses deliver faster, save money and positively impacting their profit margins. Shippa currently delivers only small deliverable items or sample size goods.
How does it work?

We help you shop for products that are not avalable in your country by connecting you with a traveler that's flying to your direction. Shoppers can order anything through a traveler as long as it's "legal" of course! Luxury fashion, electronics, baby formula, speciality food, you name it.

What about customs and regulations?

As a traveler, there is an allowance to how much and what you can bring into a country. As long as you stay within those limits, there shouldn’t be an issue. If you have questions, we encourage you to visit that countries customs and declaration page for more information.

How much can I earn as a traveler?

We typically encourage our travelers to requests a 10% to 40% monetary reward depending on a number of factors such as accessibility, distance to pick up/drop off product(s), and the actual value. We have seen our travelers earn anywhere from $50 USD to $500 USD. Start earning!

How does payments work?

Shoppers can either pay the traveler through the app or pay them cash once they receive their items. Payment through the app is held securely by Shippa as an escrow payment. The traveler must purchase your items with their own funds and only once they deliver your item and you confirm delivery on the app, the deposit will be released to the traveler.

Is this safe?

Yes, Our mission is to build a community of travelers helping each other with their logistics needs. Our rating and review system helps shoppers and travelers feel more safe and secure knowing who they are working with. Also escrowing shopper's in-app payments creates more trust amongst each other. We encourage our community to always meet in public places.

What happens if my item is damaged?

If a traveler notifies Shippa that an item is fully damaged, we will contact the shopper for further information to determine if a refund is required.